Sunday, October 19, 2014

Simple Mercies

Dear God,

I can't thank You enough for today. It was probably the greatest Sunday I've experienced in a very long time.

At church, I felt calm and confident. I normally sit alone on my own pew in the chapel but today a family sat next to me. At first, the woman was mainly interested in my pew because there was an outlet where she could plug in and charge her tablet. Without reservation she handed it to me and asked if I could plug it in for her. I said "sure". And then again, announced without reservation that she and her husband would sit with me. I smiled and said, "sure, go ahead." She caught herself, and made double sure it was okay, that I didn't have any of the seats reserved. I told her no. It was okay. I didn't have a family.

She introduced herself and her husband. Then their kids showed up and they wanted to sit on the same pew so it ended up that there were five of us crammed together on bench. I didn't mind though. She then introduced her kids and then talked with me some more before the service began. She was nice. I told them I was glad to have them sit with me and that they could be my "adopted" family for the day. After the service when they got up to leave she turned to me and said, "I'd be glad to be your 'mom' any day!" I smiled. It felt good to know that somebody cared.

Later, in Sunday School I kept getting the impression to tell the teacher after class how much I appreciated the gospel lessons she shared. Immediately after the closing prayer she marched right over to me and asked if I had a minute. Her hands were clasped in an upright position. She gave me some complement. I couldn't understand exactly what she was saying but then she was suddenly back to the front of the room. I walked up to her. I told her how much her lessons meant to me and that I appreciated her. She thanked me and we talked a little bit more.

On top of all that the weather was beautiful! We walked out of church to sunny skies and 70 degrees! It was amazing!

Later this evening, I celebrated my birthday with family. I felt so grateful for all they did to make the evening special for me.

So, I wanted to write and say thank-You for today, for feeling loved by all those that crossed my path. Thank-You for Your simple mercies, Your gentle reminders that You are still there. These moments mean so much to me and for that, I am eternally grateful.